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Acharya Vagish Shastri in 2005International online video teaching from
Acharya Vagish Shastri

Friday 24th from 20:00 to 22:00 CET (Paris, Berlin, Zurich,...)

Guruji and 6 family members are actually on a journey through Europe.
Next Wednesday Guruji will give an evening teaching in Bern, Switzerland.
And on Friday 24th he will give an Online-Video-Teaching with Zoom.
Wherever you are in this world, feel free to join in and to see him. This is a little adventure for all of us.

The main topic of this evening is
"Keeping on and developing your own practice in Yoga and Tantra".
It's just a suggestion. We'll leave it on Guruji to decide what to do with all of us.
If we are lucky, one part of this evening will be a meditiation. We'll have the chance to feel connected with him and with all of us in a subtle way around the globe.
Please prepare in advance for a comfortable position during this video call, where your body, mind and heart can relax.

We are looking forward to meeting you on this teaching and meditation adventure around the globe.

With love from Guruji Vagish Shastri, his family and his students in Switzerland.


Acharya Vagish Shastri bei seinem 82. Geburtstag im Jahr 2015Acharya Vagish Shastri bei einem öffentlichen Teaching

First picture left: Acharya Vagish Shastri on his birthday celebration in 2015
Second left: On a public teaching recently.